Music Monday – Music of 2016

So, 2016 sucked. I mean, it really sucked. 2016 is at the top of the “Ain’t Shit” list right along with Donald Trump’s existence, Tomi Lahren’s split ends, and Drake’s Views album. 2016 was an overall bad year, but one good thing that came out of this year was the music. There have been so many wonderfulContinue reading “Music Monday – Music of 2016”

Music Monday – Go To Church and Hit The Molly Rock

I could go on and on about how great Chance The Rapper is, but he’s the FIRST independent artist to EVER perform on Saturday Night Live. I think that speaks for itself. This week’s Music Monday post is dedicated to Sunday Candy performed on SNL. First of all, the passion he displays in this performance isContinue reading “Music Monday – Go To Church and Hit The Molly Rock”