Music Monday – Go To Church and Hit The Molly Rock

I could go on and on about how great Chance The Rapper is, but he’s the FIRST independent artist to EVER perform on Saturday Night Live. I think that speaks for itself.

This week’s Music Monday post is dedicated to Sunday Candy performed on SNL.

First of all, the passion he displays in this performance is moving! It is so evident of how much he loves doing this. I have seen Chance live in concert a few years ago in Kent, Ohio, and his passion and energy filled the room and it was amazing. He has a beautiful spirit.

Secondly, this musical arrangement is INSANE! Who is responsible? I need to know because he/she/they deserve an award. I love this version more than the original, and the original is excellent.

Third, when he hit the Molly Rock I lost it. Chance is just a dope individual.

I hope you guys enjoy this performance because it’s one of my favorite.

Peace & Light.

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