Music Monday… Even Though It’s Tuesday

My days are all messed up. They are all running together at this point. My work week last week was a mess because of a conference, I didn’t go to church on Sunday (I usually do so when I don’t it throws me off), and the three-day weekend has me all insane in the membrane (that was corny, sorry). By time I realized it was Monday yesterday, the itis had set in and there was no way a good blog post could be produced.

In most cases, I would just take the L and wait until next Monday. But I’m so excited about the new music that was released over the weekend so this could not wait. Let’s get into it.

This Music Monday is featuring Fantasia’s new single, Sleeping With The One I Love.

I love me some Fantasia Barrino and I have since American Idol. My mom and I tuned into American Idol every week when Fantasia was gracing the stage and actively and audibly cheered her on from our living room. Fantasia is probably the only American Idol contestant that I called in and voted for every single week. That was back in the day with landlines. Her first album after Idol, I played until the CD couldn’t play anymore. That was back in day when people bought physical copies of albums and put them into their CD player or stereo.

Fast forward to 2016, and Evangelist Barrino is still slaying. Sleeping With The One I Love is everything. The modern blues sounds fits her voice so well. I don’t think Fantasia gets enough credit. Her voice is so diverse. Her voice can go from the pulpit, to the radio, to Broadway, to the blues and slays on all platforms.

Songs with minimal production, like Sleeping With The One I Love, are perfect for Fantasia. Just pure talent and vocals.

 It was rumored a while ago that Fantasia, Brandy and Jazmine Sullivan were working together on a song. I pray and hope that it’s in the same lane of Fantasia’s Sleeping With The One I Love and Brandy’s Begging and Pledging, which also has that modern-day blues sound that fits her tone so perfectly.

Fantasia’s fifth studio album will be released June 10, 2016, titled The Definition Of… 


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