Music Monday – Douchebag


So I feel like my past couple of posts have just been going off on dumb people for dumb things they have said or done. And this post is no exception.


Pray for me, y,all.

Saturday night I went to dinner and decided to go to a bar afterwards. I decided to go to Twist Social Club. I’m sure most of you are unfamiliar with Twist, but Twist Social Club is a LGBT bar/club in the Edgewater area of Cleveland. I’ve been there a hand-full of times. The music is pretty good most nights and the drinks aren’t unreasonably priced. And besides the racist bartender who claims he’s not racist because he “loves black p*ssy” (yes, that’s a direct quote), I’ve never had any real problems there. It’s pretty much always majority white folks present (like most of the nightlife in Cleveland) with sprinkles of color here and there, but this past Saturday night was especially white.

Before we go any further, I want to make clear that I don’t have a problem with all white gays. Some of y’all are actually pretty cool and relatively “woke.” My problem lies with white gays who side-eye queer POC (people of color) when we’re out just trying to have a drink and a two-step.

I know the world has conditioned y’all to think that white people own everything and rule the world. You’ve been taught that your the standard and the default. You’re accustomed to people bending over backwards to make sure your needs are met.

They lied, boo.

If I or any other queer POC is out and about minding our own business, you have no right to roll your eyes at me as if I’m invading your and your other white peers’ space. It’s like when someone doesn’t fit your Sam Smith idea of gayness (i.e. white, young, slim/muscular), you think they don’t deserve to be in the same space as you, and it’s very visible which makes everyone uncomfortable. Which snow balls into me wanting to cuss you out, which then makes me not enjoy my night. All because of your bigotry.

I also want to make clear that isn’t a read to Twist Social Club. I have no issue with the establishment itself. My issue is with some of its clientele. Twist isn’t the only establishment with this issue. This is a problem in most bars and clubs, gay and straight alike. I’m focusing on LGBT social settings because of my experience Saturday night, and because of the overall lack of safe spaces for queer POC, especially in the Cleveland area.

It’s very annoying and a little disheartening at the lack of spaces queer POC can access without feeling uncomfortable, out of place, and wanting to drop kick every white gay looking at us like we have two heads.

So this Music Monday post is dedicated to all you lily white gays that appropriate Black culture at every turn, consistently refer to their “inner black women,” and claim they’re not at all problematic because they “love black d**k” (yes, another direct quote), but hate when Black and other queer POC are in the same bar or attending the same Pride festival. This one is for you.

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