All Natural Errything + [GIVEAWAY]

If you’ve been following me on social media, you know that I’m slowly but surely switching to the “all natural” lifestyle. Everything from what I put on my body (i.e. soap, body butter, beard balm, deodorant, cologne, chapstick, etc.) to the things I breath in (i.e. cleaning products and air freshener) has been switched to all-natural and/or organic. The Lord is still working on me to switch my diet to more healthy and natural choices. I’ll get there eventually…hopefully…prayfully.

This all started late 2015 when I was trying to find a good beard balm to moisture and grow my beard. I tried one that will remain nameless, and it made my beard brittle and hair started to fall out. Not a lot, but enough to make me never want to try another beard product again. I didn’t want to put anymore chemicals or potential harmful ingredients into my beard. I wanted to know exactly what was going into my beard.

Upon doing research, I realized “I can do dis myself.” 

And I did just that. I already had some shea butter. I went out and got some coconut oil and other carrier oils, as well as some essential oils and whipped it up in my momma’s kitchen. I’ve been using it ever since, and my beard as never been healthier.


As time went on, I also started making my own body butter, deodorant, and etc. The same fear I had with putting chemicals into my beard, developed into a fear of putting chemicals on my body. A good percentage of what we put onto our body goes into our body and into our bloodstream. I made the decision to not put anymore harmful or potential harmful chemicals onto my skin.

Fast forward to June of 2016, and all of my skin and hair care products are all-natural and the majority of them are DIY (Do It Yourself).


I’m given some products away via my social media accounts, but I want to do an official giveaway for my blog readers. There’s only one rule.


  1. Like this post on either Facebook, Twitter, or in WordPress

That’s it. Just like this post and I will pick two winners at random next Friday (June 10). The winners will each win a 4oz jar of body butter! And if you want a stick of all-natural deodorant or chapstick, we can work that out too.

Thank you for coming back and continuing to read my rants and random thoughts.


Peace & light.

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