Keep “Dr.” Umar Johnson As Far Away From Me As Possible


In my best Jennifer Lewis impression: I don’t want no hoteps f*cking wit me in these streets.

Wednesday morning I logged onto Facebook to post my latest DIY all-natural creations (whipped shea butter, deodorant, and chapstick), which is what I was supposed to be writing about today. After posting I proceeded to scroll down my feed. Upon scrolling I seen the usual ignorance, cooking videos, and graduation pictures. It was all good until I seen a clip titled “BLACK SINGLE MOTHERS U CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” I read the title and immediately gave my eyes a hard roll. As someone who was raised by an excellent single, black mother, I’m sensitive to the topic and will drag anyone who disrespects it. But I watched the video, against my better judgement, in hopes that my initial irritation would be met with a surprise. Hoping that the video title was just click bait and the actual content would be filled with encouragement and positive affirmations for single, black mothers, being that they face extreme hardships already. Boy, was I wrong. Strong and wrong.

The clip is flooded with sexism, patriarchy, and condescension with homophobic undertones. See for yourself. (The clip I watched was about 1-2 minutes, below is a longer verison)

I usually don’t engage in Facebook debates. I just let the ignorance be ignorance and keep it pushing. But this is so incredibly dumb and hateful and bigoted and misogynistic and sexist and homophobic, I had to say something. If nothing else to, possibly unveil why this is so problematic. Here’s what I had to say.


I’m tired of these Tyrese, Steve Harvey (I actually like Steve Harvey, though), and Umar Johnson type of men that go around telling women what they should and should not be doing. Or how to get and keep a man. No one asked any of you for your misogyny.

Furthermore, as I stated during this debate I was having on Facebook, I’m exceedingly tired of the whole, “society is making our Black youth feminine” story. Y’all tried to pull the same thing when Odell was dancing up and down y’all Instagram feeds and when Vanity Fair released the Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler cover. No one can make anyone feminine, just like no one can make anyone masculine. The entire dialogue is rooted in homophobia because when simple-minded people like Johnson perceive a boy to be less “masculine,” he automatically equates that to gay, and that automatically makes him weak or less of a man which is so stupid it makes my head hurt. It’s a very simplistic view of gender and sexuality. All those degrees and still have one-dimensional thinking, huh?

In my opinion, if a boy is raised without discipline that alone won’t make him gay. Actually, no matter how you raise him, if he’s gay or feminine, he’s just going to be gay or feminine. Nothing you did or didn’t do contributed to it. And even if he is feminine and/or gay, THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH IT. Lack of discipline could possibly make him entitled and arrogant, but it certainly won’t define his sexuality.

And since we’re on the topic, and in case you needed further proof that Umar Johnson is a bigoted dummy, keep reading.

Johnson believes that homosexuality and lesbianism are “population control” for the Black community. He also believes that Black LGBT people are “brainwashed” into being LGBT. In a radio interview, he stated, “gay people didn’t build this country, black people did.” As if being black and gay are mutually exclusive. You really think that in the 200+ years of slavery in this country that none of them were gay? Really? But then again, he doesn’t believe that Black people are actually gay. He believes that we’ve been “propagated and coerced.” Typical hotep logic.

Umar Johnson is a stone-cold, boneafide imbecile that pontificates hate speech and lies and tries to pass them off as facts. He’s nothing but a boisterous, obnoxious, distasteful human with a god complex and an unkempt beard.

You are not for Black lives if you’re not for ALL Black lives.

I’m going to need any and everything related to “Dr.” Umar Johnson, and any and everything he stands for, to stay as far away from me as humanly possible.

5 thoughts on “Keep “Dr.” Umar Johnson As Far Away From Me As Possible

  1. I totally agree with this article. Umar Johson’s misogyny and homophobia are so painfully obvious that it takes a huge dose of willful ignorance not to see what he unabashedly says about these issues. His attitudes about women, especially single black mothers, are offensive and regressive. In addition, his repulsive comments about rape victims, calling them THOTS, should induce any rational, thinking woman to steer completely clear of him.


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