Music Monday – The Greatness and Mystery of Ingrid

I am not a crier. I can probably count on both of my hands the amount of times I cried in my 23 years of life. I am not saying that to say that I’m this ultra masculine guy. I’m saying this to convey how rare it is for me to drop tears. But this song put a little thug tear in my left eye. It is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a long time.

This week’s Music Monday post is dedicated to Always You by Ingrid Michaelson. Please listen.

I first heard this song over the weekend when I was watching the series finale of Parenthood (wonderful show). The very first line of the song stopped me in my tracks. I immediately closed my eyes and was thoroughly fixated for by this track.

It is a beautifully written, beautifully sung, beautifully played song. It is obviously a love song but for me this song kind of sounds like she’s longing for someone. Almost like she’s singing to someone that as moved on or transitioned. I could be totally off base here. The lyrics are so powerful in this song, but the way she sang them is where the mystery lies for me. She sang with such raw emotion that it leads me to think there’s a more to the story here.

What do you guys think?

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