3 Health Benefits of All-Natural Products [Collab w/ SjayStyle]

Let’s talk all-natural products.

Natural beauty products are the most recent pattern in the area of style. These improvements are getting more and more reputation as women search for organic or more 100 % organic elements in their beauty products. Everyone is always looking out for better and organic items were one of them. Individuals always say that organic is better, even when it comes to making up. No wonder, more and more women are embracing organic beauty products for their beauty specifications.

But how much can the human skin and body bear, Most people usually get bored of what they are using and switch over to new products introducing a completely new treatment to their skin. However, it is difficult not to change beauty products since the condition of skin keeps changing in different seasons. In such a scenario a good thing to do is go all natural with products, but watch out for synthetic ones. Like most people don’t know that there’s good and bad natural. To help you find out which is which, skin care consumers shared an article about man-made is bad and natural is good that have been proven to be the most effective. Even top manufacturers are using 100 % organic elements to keep up with the requirement for organic beauty products in you need to. These beauty products talk for themselves. Just like their name indicates, they are all-natural. It means that the components used are not substance or synthetically designed. They also contain organic nourishment like Vitamin E that keeps skin healthy and glowing.

  • They’re safe

The skin the body’s largest organ, so it vital that we are mindful of what we are feeding it. And being that our body’s largest organ is extremely porous, we are, in all actuality, feeding our bodies what we put onto our skin. 60% of what we put onto our bodies is absorbed into our bodies’ bloodstream.

Some of the harmful ingredients in many store-bought, manufactured skin care products are: Aluminum, parabens, mercury, silica, and cyclomethicone just to name a few. Read your labels and know what you are putting into your skin. These harmful ingredients have been linked to causes of cancer, allergies, skin irritation, and more.

  • Repairs damaged skin

Looking to even out your pigment? Trying to touch up those dark spots or acne scars? What about wrinkles and sagginess? All-natural products have you covered with all of these things and more. All-natural products are the best, safest way to repair damaged skin. The great thing is you have options, too!

Unrefined shea butter is great for creating smooth and even skin, while still protecting and strengthening the skin. It is perfect for helping with wrinkles, fine lines and body scars. It also great for damaged hair.

Lavender essential oil is great for healing and repairing damaged skin, as well as fighting acne-causing bacteria. Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is a skin super food. Coconut oil keeps the skin smooth and glowing, while simultaneously repairing damaged skin and fighting against premature aging and wrinkles. Jojoba oil is wonderful for controlling oily skin and acne. These are just a handful of awesome and skin-favorable products. There’s still raw cocoa butter, olive oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil, mango butter, vitamin E oil, and a plethora of essential oils that we haven’t touched on. The results you want will determine what products you should invest in.

  • It’s cost effective!

Many all-natural and organic can be found for less than many store-bought, big brand products. Many of these products also have many functions, so one product can be used for multiple uses. As opposed to buying 6-7 different products, some Shea Butter and coconut oil will do you just fine.

In contrast to other beauty products, organic beauty products are more protected to use. They are hypo-allergenic and confirmed and examined by skin professionals to be safe to use at anytime, anywhere. Since they are made out of 100 % organic elements, you don’t have to worry about getting skin rashes or experience skin itchiness. Natural beauty products are ideal for all types of skin.

Transiting to all-natural products is a great way to support a small and/or black owned business (like Potter’s Clay). There are a surplus of small and black owned business that cater to all-natural skin and hair care.

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