Music Monday – Created to Win

Sometimes music has a way of speaking to our true feelings. Some of the sub conscience emotions that we’re not always aware that we’re experiencing, the feelings we’re afraid to confront, and the feelings that we know to be true but don’t have the language to verbalize. This is one of many beauties of music.

One of my biggest flaws is that I’m a very self-deprecating person. I’m not as confident as I’d like to be and that overflows to other areas of my life. This became very prevalent my junior year of college when I was interviewing for a promotion. To make a long story very short, I was denied the position because my self-deprecation resulted in self-doubt that communicated to my interviewers has incompetence. (The way my favor is set up, I ended up getting the promotion and the raise anyway, but that’s not the point)

One of the ways I combat this self-destructing thinking is through music. Here are some of the songs I listen to when I need to remind myself who I truly am.

This is an almost daily play. Leah digs deep with this one, and I appreciate her for honesty. I relate to each and every word in the song on a mentally and spiritually level.

“Now that I know the truth, time to show and prove.”

Created to win. Created to prosper. Created to progress. Created to encourage. Created to achieve. Created to dream. Created to slay. Created to pray. Created to win!

For those of you who are not spiritually or religious, feel free to skip over this one. But for those of us who are, when these self-destructive thoughts and feelings start to creep up, it’s important to remember that God sees us as loved, powerful, and deserving of good things. This song helps me remember that.


As you all know, I keep real on this blog. This blog was created as a space to be 100 percent transparent in an attempt to encourage others along the way. This post is no exception.

If you find yourself identifying with this post, add these songs to your playlist and play them as you get ready in the morning. It helps to start the day in a position head space. If you don’t identify with any of this, then I hope you just enjoy the music.

What are some of your favorite encouraging song?

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