Music Monday – Thank You, Grey’s Anatomy!

I first heard the abounding sound of Sebastian Kole during an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I was so memorized by what was coming through my television I immediately opened my SoundHound app because I absolutely had to find what song I was hearing. When SoundHound didn’t recognize the song, I took to Twitter. Thank God for ABC’s Music Lounge Twitter page ( @abcmusiclounge ) that live tweets simultaneously as the show is playing.

Now that I know that the alluring sound I was hearing was called Home, I paused my television (and I never pause a Shonda show unless absolutely necessary) to listen to the song in its entirety.

Do you know the feeling you get when finally see your significant other after not seeing them for a while? Or the first time you said “I love you” and meant it? Or the first bite of some perfectly seasoned fried chicken?  That’s how this soulful with a gospel undertone ballad made me feel.

Sebastian’s voice is John Legend meets the head deacon of Second Baptist church. So rich and soulful, but full and commanding.

When it comes to his pen, I don’t even have a witty annotation. Lyrically he is out of this world. But Sebastian is not new to this. Starting in 2014, he co-wrote and co-produced Alessia Cara’s entire album including the double platinum and exceedingly popular single, Here.

Further receipts can be heard on Love’s On The Way, also heard on last week’s episode. Grey’s Anatomy.

“Love called and asked about us
Said she’d wondered where we’d gone
She’s been lonely without us
She wants us to come back home
Don’t you miss the way it used to be for you and me?
We won’t you please…
Answer her call with me and say
Hey love we’re on the way”

Sebastian Kole is such a gem. My spirit is full every time I hear him sing.


My God! I have no words for this. Pure greatness.


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