Music Monday – A Simpler Time

Remember back when you were the carefree age of 17? When your biggest worry was your British Literature teacher tap dancing on your last nerve and if your mom was going to let you hang out with your friends after school?

When your only job was to go to school, act like you have a slice of sense, and maybe wash the occasion dish?

Remember when student loan payments weren’t a real thing? When W2’s and filing taxes weren’t in your sphere of understanding?

When your world revolved around high school sports, house parties on the weekends, and taking the chicken out of the freezer before your mom got home from work?

A much more simple time.

Yet and still we were all so eager to grow up, move out, and be independent. We have been tricked, my fellow 20-somethings! Tricked, hoodwinked, and bamboozled!

Alessia Cara understands me. This week’s Music Monday post is dedicated to Seventeen by Alessia Cara.

“I wish that I could freeze the time at 17.” Girl, me too.


Check out this beautiful acoustic cover of Seventeen by American Idol contestant, Tyanna Jones. Shoutout to Blavity for posting this.

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