This Is Not a Test!

I know it’s not Music Monday, but does it really matter? I mean, Beyonce!

Can we acknowledge the utter perfection that just took place? The video is amazing. She came through with the BARS, the choreo had me half way ready to dance, and the waredrobe/fashion is masterful.

Whomever styled this video, he/she/they deserve a raise and free Reb Lobster because it’s brilliant. Along with the choreographer, cowriters and ect.

Lastly, anyone who parted their lips to say Beyonce doesn’t like/appreciate her blackness should be quite for the remainder of Black History Month. Actually, they should apologize. This video is so damn unapologetically black, and I love it!

My favorite part of the video had to be the little boy in the black jeans and black hoodie dancing (and killing it) in front of the line of white enforcement officers. Masterful!

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