The Truth About Reverse Racism

The honest truth about reverse racism… it is not, never will be, and never has been real. Until you (white people)┬áhave been socially, politically, economically, institutionally, and systemically oppressed, you have never experienced racism. That’s it. It’s that simple. Someone calling you a bad name is not racism. People not supporting your endeavors is notContinue reading “The Truth About Reverse Racism”

PSA – Don’t Be A Racist For Halloween 2016

It’s September 1st, and I am thrilled. Like Tyga, this 80-90 degree weather is trash. I’m going to gleefully two-step into Autumn with my cardigans and Chelsea boots. Give me the warm tea and changing colors of the leaves. You can keep this death-by-humidity weather. I’ve been over it. Everything is better in the Fall.Continue reading “PSA – Don’t Be A Racist For Halloween 2016”

Why Doesn’t Sam Smith Know Anything?

Sir, Google is free. I hate to do this to Sam because I love his music, but I have to. Why doesn’t he know anything? First, Mr. Smith is “absolutely speechless” that racism is a thing in London. For those that are unfamiliar with the story, in January of this year, Sam Smith and hisContinue reading “Why Doesn’t Sam Smith Know Anything?”