3 Reasons Why You Should Shut Up About Black-on-Black Crime

This morning I woke up to news about yet another Black man being killed execution-style by white police officers. Alton Sterling, the victim, was selling CD’s when approached by police. The graphic video shows the officers tackling Sterling, with knees to his back and others shooting him several times, a total of six. Including oneContinue reading “3 Reasons Why You Should Shut Up About Black-on-Black Crime”

LWB: Learning While Black

“They’re not just children, they’re black children.” The above quote was taken from an episode of Blackish where they brilliantly dissect the current state of Black people and the Black experience in America. They tackle the topics of police brutality,  mass incarceration, and a tear-jerking monologue surrounding having our first Black President. Through the course of theContinue reading “LWB: Learning While Black”

To The Black Man That Only Dates White Men

I’m annoyed. Friday afternoon I was browsing Twitter when Huffington Post tweeted out an article written by Aaron Barksdale titled, What It’s Like To Be A Gay Black Men Who Has Only Dated White Men. Against my better judgment, I read said article and I have a whole lot of feelings and questions. When IContinue reading “To The Black Man That Only Dates White Men”