Pride and The Police

*singing* It’s the most wonderful timeee of the yearrrr! No, it’s not Christmas (which is also lit), but it’s Pride month. The one month of the year (honestly, Pride celebrations start in April and go through Labor Day, but the official Pride month is June) where LGBTQA+ identifying folks come together and aim up ourContinue reading “Pride and The Police”

You Don’t Have To Watch It!

  I just have to get this out really quickly. As you may or may not know, Empire is back for season 2 tonight (Wednesday, March 30, 2016). One of Empire’s leading characters is Jamal Lyon, portrayed by the great Jussie Smollet. Jamal (and Jussie) are openly gay, and a big part of the EmpireContinue reading “You Don’t Have To Watch It!”