The Reconciliation of Radical Black Ideology and Religion (Audio)

Over the past few weeks, probably months at this point, I’ve really been wrestling with what I believe spiritually/religiously (mainly Christian views, e.g. The Holy Trinity) and what I stand for politically (e.g. Black queer feminism & liberation). In the process, I’ve been digging into the work of James Cone, a Black liberation theologian, andContinue reading “The Reconciliation of Radical Black Ideology and Religion (Audio)”

Ask Avery: “Isn’t White Supremacy Just About Racism?”

A few weeks ago I wrote about respectability politics and why you won’t catch me subscribing to them. When I posted the link on my Facebook, I put this as the caption: Afterward, I got a bunch of questions about why I link whiteness (read: white supremacy) with things like homophobia and patriarchy and etc.Continue reading “Ask Avery: “Isn’t White Supremacy Just About Racism?””