Blac Chyna and Covert Homophobia

We’ve seen this story before, it goes as such.

Boy meets girl.

Boy and girl have sex.

Boy pisses girl off.

Girl insinuates boy is gay.

Internet goes crazy.

Amber Rose did it to Kayne. Vivica Fox did it to 50 Cent. Karlie Redd recently did it to Yung Joc. It’s the oldest trick in the book for cishet women when it comes to shading their ex-lovers. And now, we have Blac Chyna doing it to Tyga.

The other day, Chyna took to Snapchat to vent about Tyga’s lack of financial assistance when it comes to their son.  In the midst of this 5th-grade reading level rant, she implies that Tyga is having sex with another man on the low. She says, “”And u can go get ur mom or ur b*tch! Lol!!! Or ur nigga u f*ckn or Terrell or heather.” I believe she also calls in a “fag” somewhere in the rant. It was honestly hard for me to decipher.

So here’s the problem with Blac Chyna, and others, who use queerness as means to throw shade, it’s textbook homophobia.

By choosing to imply that a man is gay out of spite or anger is to associate gayness with something that is substandard or deficient. By using the word “gay” or “fag” as a slur, you’re saying that gayness is equivalent to error or profane or immorality. And because a lot of cishet women associate gayness with weakness, by calling him gay in the midst of an argument, you’re trying to emasculate him, as if gayness and manhood are mutually exclusive. In a way, these women have taken the fragility and toxicity of masculinity and used it to their bigoted advantage, but they have done at the expense of LGBTQ+ folks, people who claim they’re “allies” too. Trying to use someone’s alleged sexuality as leverage or a punchline is not shade, or tea, or reading (all gay slang y’all love to use, btw), it’s just straight up homophobic hate speech.

It’s especially telling that Chyna is shouting gay slurs at Tyga, when she and Amber Rose do this song and dance as if they’re in a same-sex relationship with each other. Because homosexuality is only cool and fun and acceptable when it’s two women, right?

They are both so adamant about sexual freedom and no judgment but will turn around and try to shame and expose their ex lover’s sexual identities or sexual preferences when it benefits them. That’s not advocacy or allyship, and bigotry and hypocrisy.

And the real gag here is that Blac Chyna has so much material she could have used to clown Tyga. She could have talked about him being a creep and a criminal by dating an underage girl. She could have talked about his Ferrari AND Maybach being repossessed within HOURS of each other. She could have talked about how he’s built like Spongebob Squarepants from the waist down.

Image result for tyga's legsImage result for spongebob legs

She had so many ways she could have gotten her point across, but she decided to be lazy and hateful, which is a shame.

Homophobia, as covert or subliminal as it may be, is still homophobia and cannot go unchecked.

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