Music Monday – Chasing Destiny

If you’ve been following me on Twitter (@averylondon_), you know that I was obsessed with the docu-series Chasing Destiny that recently wrapped on BET. Under the leadership of Kelly Rowland, the next big girl group has been formed. They very recently named themselves “June’s Diary,” because June is the month when everything started to click for them.

Kelly Rowland has such a sweet spirit. She’s hardworking, socially aware, gorgeous, accomplished, supportive, and an all-around good person (from what I’ve seen, I obviously don’t know her personally). Kelly Rowland is a Black woman that owns her blackness and loves and supports other Black women. It’s so beautiful to watch, it’s something we need more of. From both men and women.

From watching Chasing Destiny on TV, and watching the development of June’s Diary via social media, it’s like Kelly spit out 5  different versions herself to slay the industry and they have hit the ground running.

The girls

Name: Kristal

Hometown: Gastonia, NC

Krystal is the leader of the group. She is the most seasoned of the five, and her gift reflects it. Her southern orientation coupled with diverse vocals and overall confidence makes her stand out without even trying.

Name: Ashly

Hometown: Compton, CA


Ashly is the spirit of the group. She’s a woman of faith with a very soulful voice. Ashly can sing the ABCs and you can sense her anointing.

Name: Brienna

Hometown: Trenton, NJ

Brienna is “I didn’t come to play with you h*es” personified. She exudes confidence, she owns her body, she slays and she knows it. And if you watched Chasing Destiny, you know she is an extremely hard worker, but also a team player.

Name: Shyann

Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida


Shyann is the young and fun member with a huge voice. You can catch her milly rocking at any time during Chasing Destiny. You know that person in her life that’s just a joy to be around? That’s who I feel Shyann is to the people in her life.

Name: Gabby

Hometown: Glendale, CA

While I love everyone in the group for very different reasons, Gabby is special to me. She has a fearlessness about her that is captivating. Not only is her spirit special, but so is her voice. Her lower register is her speciality, and it completes the sound of the group.

The music

June’s Diary have released two official singles seen the formation of their group in February, All Of Us and L.A.N.C.E. Two very fun songs that I’m personally obsessed with. I can’t wait to hear more music from them. I’m patiently waiting on their first EP to be released. I can’t wait to hear soulful ballads that showcase their powerful voices and beautiful harmonies. I know this group is going to do great things. Links to their singles are listed below.


All Of Us:

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